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What Others Are Missing in Renewable Methanol

Most people don’t realize that Renewable Methanol provides multiple industries an opportunity to reach carbon neutral.

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Renewable Methanol can be economically built and utilized today.

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Create the backbone of global decarbonization.

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Lead the renewable energy transition while others watch.

Turning Methanol into Hydrogen

You can avoid aging Hydrogen business models. Our Renewable Methanol cuts the cost and emissions of Hydrogen.

Your Pathway to Carbon Neutral

Kaizen Clean Energy's facility will combine renewable electricity, water, and carbon capture to produce Renewable Methanol and do everything oil and gas can do, but cleaner.

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Meet Our Founders

Eric Smith Headshot

Eric Smith, Co-Founder

Kaizen Clean Energy

For the last 13-years, Eric has helped companies just like yours mitigate risk, maximize revenue, and stay ahead of the competition. He is excited to help you simplify your clean energy transition and take the lead over your competition.

Eric’s expertise includes supporting $2+ Billion in committed capital and the commercial & business strategies for a Greenfield ~$8B project that was acquired in 2019. Recently, Eric has worked with institutional investors and corporations mitigating commercial, contractual, and execution risk to protect balance sheets for LNG, Petrochemical, and Renewable Energy investments.

Eric spent 9-years in the U.S. Air Force where he was assigned to the National Security Agency and managed global intelligence missions.
Robert Meaney Headshot

Robert Meaney, Co-Founder

Kaizen Clean Energy

Robert leverages his commercial & technical expertise to accelerate the clean energy transition through the simplification of risk and technologies. Recently, Robert served as a clean energy authority for E1 Marine, a newly formed company that will deploy a proven Methanol to Hydrogen technology to decarbonize the multibillion-dollar marine transportation fuel industry.

Robert’s experience includes connecting institutional investors with clean energy technologies and downstream customers. Additionally, Robert has worked with established renewable energy companies to optimize their business plans, increase economic returns & tax incentives, and mitigate risk. Robert has also worked with licensor technologies and led risk, commercial, and/or project teams on over $15 billion of committed capital.