You Choose “Carbon Neutral” Or “Carbon Negative”

Our Renewable Methanol Provides A Simple & Cost-Effective Way to Turn Your Hydrogen Carbon Neutral, or even Carbon Negative.

Our Renewable Methanol Provides A Simple and Cost-Effective Way to Turn Your Hydrogen Carbon Neutral, or Even Carbon Negative.

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Our Project

KCE will Develop, Own, and Operate Commercial Scale Renewable Methanol facilities to accelerate the global decarbonization of transportation fuels, green plastics, & the hydrogen transition.

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Repeatable Project Design

Our repeatable business model and strategic partners provide a design once, build multiple solutions to support the robust growing methanol economy.

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Carbon Negative Is Closer Than You Think

Our proprietary CO2 recycling process can capture, store and re-utilize the CO2 from Methanol To Hydrogen Conversion. This would make your Hydrogen Carbon Negative.

Proven Solution To Reduce Your Carbon Intensity

We Are Incorporating Affordable & Proven Technology To Reduce The Emissions & Cost of Renewable Methanol To Accelerate Your Clean Energy Transition.

Reduce Your Carbon Intensity

Development Timeline

Our team is focused on delivering Renewable Methanol with the lowest Carbon Intensity and leverages decades of commercial and technical expertise to provide your carbon-neutral solution faster.


Year 1: Secure FEED Contractor & Finalize Commercial Partners


Year 2: Definitive Agreements & Construction Starts


Year 3 to 4: Complete Project And Lead The Energy Transition


Years 3 to 10: Developing Multiple Renewable Methanol Hubs In The US

Your Pathway to Carbon Neutral

Kaizen Clean Energy’s facility will combine renewable electricity, water, and carbon capture to produce Renewable Methanol and do everything oil and gas can do, but cleaner.

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