One Fuel, Multiple Solutions

Don’t Settle For One Industry, Decarbonize Many

One Fuel, Multiple Solutions

Picking a low-carbon energy source doesn’t have to be difficult, but the wrong strategy can be costly and delay your transition to lower-emission fuels.

One Fuel Multiple Solutions Chart

One Liquid Storage Tank Future Proofs Your Clean Energy Transition

Renewable Methanol Can Accelerate Your Pathway to Carbon Neutral in Multiple Ways

It’s Your Choice!



Use Renewable Methanol for combustion, compression, or reform to Hydrogen onboard.

Hydrogen Gas Stations

Renewable Methanol converts to Green Hydrogen at gas stations & lowers your cost, risk, and emissions

Heavy Equipment

Convert Existing Assets To Renewable Methanol Engines Or Hydrogen

On-Demand Renewable Energy

Power Generation is critical for Maritime and
Back-up power. Having an on-demand renewable resource provides a flexible approach.

Sell To End Users

The Maritime Industry is accelerating their pathway to carbon neutral, make sure your infrastructure is prepared with Renewable Methanol

Export Renewable Energy

Use your Renewable Methanol to export internationally as a direct burning fuel or as a Hydrogen Carrier.

Your Pathway to Carbon Neutral

Kaizen Clean Energy’s facility will combine renewable electricity, water, and carbon capture to produce Renewable Methanol and do everything oil and gas can do, but cleaner.

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