Diesel Generator Replacement

A Clean Generator You’ll Want to Use

that saves you money and provides a strong ROI

Increased ROI

Various Capacities

No Local Emissions

Diesel Generator Pollution

Let’s face it, you dread using your diesel generators.

Electric grids are strained, and diesel generators are filling the power shortfall. The problem is diesel generators increase local emissions, including Nitrogen oxide (NOx), Sulphur Oxide (SOx), and particulates, which are significant sources of air pollution and health concerns.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

What if you had a generator you want to use, and for more than just backup power

Our clean generators help you…

Meet ESG Goals

With no local emissions, you eliminate the need for traditional diesel generator permits and infrastructure upgrades for many natural gas generators.

Meet Energy Needs

Get a clean generator for any use! We set you up with a solution tailored to your needs with capacities ranging from 100kW up to MW scales.

Increase Your ROI

More than just a backup power source. Use your clean generator to power EVs, hydrogen fueling, and peak shaving to lower energy transition costs.

Getting a Clean Generator You Want To Use Is Simple

1. Get a Quote

Call or complete our request form to talk with our team about our tailored clean generator solutions.


2. Customize

Your needs are different than other organizations. We help you select a generator that fits your needs.

3. Power With Pride!

Feel good about using your new clean generators. All the power you need with none of the environmental harm.

Our Clean Generators Replace Diesel Generators In Many Industries


Keep your equipment powered and your harvest in top shape. Don’t risk losing a crop to power failure again.


People pay big money to attend your events, ensuring consistent power and a clean air environment adds value to their experience and your authority in the market.


Nothing is more important to your patients than consistent power and a healthy air environment. They are quite literally matters of life and death. Our clean generators give you both. 


Power failure can delay or derail construction projects. It can cause unnecessary safety hazards on job sites. Our clean generators are the cleanest way to never lose power.

Data Centers

Millions of people rely on your data centers every day. From video streaming to remote work and everything in between, always on connectivity is core to people’s ability to survive and thrive. We ensure you never lose power, and do it in the most environmentally friendly way.


You need reliable power to ensure the safety of your citizens and a city that is always on. Our clean generators make sure your buildings and infrastructure remain operational at all times.