Meet the Kaizen Clean Energy Team

Our Story

It all started in 2020, our Co-Founder, Robert Meaney, was supporting institutional investors with technical evaluations of various ZEV infrastructure, H2 fueling, & power generation.

There is an idea that transitioning to Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) is as easy as:

  1. Plugging into the grid to power your Electric Vehicles (EV); and
  2. Sourcing $1/kg hydrogen is abundantly available for fuel cell vehicles.

Kaizen Clean Energy was founded because of two problems that continued to challenge logic:

  1. Why did DC fast charging cost >$0.50/kWh but at home we get charged ~$0.12/kWh?
  2. Why was hydrogen being marketed at ~$1/kg but the costs were ~$16/kg at the pump?

In mid-2020, KCE’s management team formed a partnership with a proven technology & to help these industries that were hungry for a real solution.

We do not believe in marketing gimmicks, misleading information, &/or relying on government funds to convert aging/high-cost solutions to aging/not as high-cost solutions.

Our mission is simple, we work together with our clients to eliminate your demand charges, provide resiliency, & cut the cost of your hydrogen fuel.

Here is how we do it:

  1. Eliminate hydrogen’s midstream costs
  2. Produce hydrogen at your point of sale/use
  3. Increase reliability of fuel supply and EV charging
  4. Provide a simple monthly lease structure
  5. Scale to your needs, so you don’t have to invest in future demand
  6. Minimize, if not eliminate, permanent infrastructure

Your lower-cost hydrogen is the catalyst for consistent hydrogen supply & not using diesel generators as your resiliency plan for EV charging.

Kaizen Clean Energy is a leading supplier of Hydrogen (HaaS) and Energy as a Service (EaaS) solutions. By connecting our hydrogen generators with fuel cells, hydrogen fueling infrastructure, & containerized fuel storage, we unlock lower ownership costs for EV and hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV).

After funding and leveraging our proven hydrogen generation technology, KCE is disrupting the ZEV infrastructure market to save our clients $MM’s.

It’s not complicated. Our diversified and talented employees focus on what matters most, you!

Our Team

Eric Smith Headshot

Eric Smith, Co-Founder

Kaizen Clean Energy

More About Eric

For the last 13-years, Eric has helped companies just like yours mitigate risk, maximize revenue, and stay ahead of the competition. He is excited to help you simplify your clean energy transition and take the lead over your competition.

Eric’s expertise includes supporting $2+ Billion in committed capital and the commercial & business strategies for a Greenfield ~$8B project that was acquired in 2019. Recently, Eric has worked with institutional investors and corporations mitigating commercial, contractual, and execution risk to protect balance sheets for LNG, Petrochemical, and Renewable Energy investments.

Eric spent 9-years in the U.S. Air Force where he was assigned to the National Security Agency and managed global intelligence missions.

Robert Meaney Headshot

Robert Meaney, Co-Founder

Kaizen Clean Energy

More About Robert

Robert leverages his commercial & technical expertise to accelerate the clean energy transition through the simplification of risk and technologies. Recently, Robert served as a clean energy authority for E1 Marine, a newly formed company that will deploy a proven Methanol to Hydrogen technology to decarbonize the multibillion-dollar marine transportation fuel industry.

Robert’s experience includes connecting institutional investors with clean energy technologies and downstream customers. Additionally, Robert has worked with established renewable energy companies to optimize their business plans, increase economic returns & tax incentives, and mitigate risk. Robert has also worked with licensor technologies and led risk, commercial, and/or project teams on over $15 billion of committed capital.

 Craig Klaasmeyer Headshot

Craig Klaasmeyer, Co-Founder

Kaizen Clean Energy

More About Craig

Mr. Klaasmeyer has over 30 years of experience as an Investment Banker with Credit Suisse and predecessors. He was most recently a Managing Director in Credit Suisse’s Energy group based in Houston, TX. During his career, he has raised over $100B in financings for his clients across IPOs, secondary equity offerings, and investment grade and high yield debt offerings.
Angela Strand Headshot

Angela Strand, Senior Advisor

Kaizen Clean Energy

More About Angela

Mrs. Strand provides 10+ years of executive and advisory experience working with Electric Vehicle fleets, OEMs, utilities, financing, and infrastructure solutions to assist KCE’s development of their Energy As A Service offering. Angela’s unique experience in the EV OEM, Charging, and Owner/Operator market provides KCE a foundation to build dual-use EV Charging and Hydrogen fueling solutions to help meet ZEV Mandates.

Chris Bilec Headshot

Chris Bilec, Dir. of Operations

Kaizen Clean Energy

More About Chris

Mr. Bilec’s experience with equipment leasing, fueling infrastructure, and Lean Six Sigma manufacturing practices provides valuable leadership for accelerated growth in our deployment of KCE’s Hydrogen & Energy as a Service leasing models. Leveraging his experience gained from West Point, General Motors, and others, Chis will manage the manufacturing and field operations of KCE’s systems.